Elsa Dorfman

I like to call myself a photographer. I took all the photography courses offered in college. I have a large format camera, several medium formats, and multiple SLRs. I shoot film: B&W, C41, slide. I even have an adapter for my large format 4x5 to

a race to the bottom

An opinion piece on MarketWatch talks about how Big Box development essentially leads to American municipalities becoming insolvent. In essence, the tax breaks meant to entice development away from other municipalities leads to a race to the bottom and eventually to ratables the returns of

the aerial symphony of old beijing

https://youtu.be/3i5xtadHPRAOne of the things that deeply interests me is how to make our cities more beuatiful, more delightful. The city should bring a smile. I don't mean this in a trite, sentimental way. I believe this is an unquantifiable aspect of placemaking that is all