what the hell is regional science?

We have urban planning. We have urban economics. We have urban geography. We now have urban science and informatics. But what is regional science?


Let’s look at some history. The Regional Science Association was founded in 1954, though the field began earlier. While in the beginning, regional science had great growth, with new programs , conferences, periodicals, etc. But as it entered the new millennium it became clear that regional science failed to become a discipline. Instead one can see it as an interdisciplinary framework for studying regional phenomena  The only regional science program that exists as its own entity, offering a masters and a PhD, is at Cornell. Their site defines regional science as “the study of socioeconomic problems with regional or spatial dimensions by means of diverse combinations of analytical and empirical research methods”. It goes on to list subjects such as systems networks, regional interaction, industrial location, and spatial data analysis. Wikipedia identifies interindustry analysis (input-output modelling) and location theory as other areas of regional science. The Journal of Regional Science seems to be one of the major academic publications for the discipline, though there are a few others.


It seems to be an attempt to make a new field that combined things like urban economics, spatial analysis, and so forth. but these disciplines remained on their own. thus regional science became a meeting place for these different disciplines, not a discipline in itself. 


my question now is how it relates to the new urban science. Is urban science the new regional science?